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About Our Florist

Meet Tina Yang, a masterful floral artisan with a lifetime of expertise. Her journey embodies unwavering dedication to the art of blooms, weaving elegance into every creation.


Lifelong Passion and Leadership

Tina Yang's passion spans across creating captivating floral artistry and guiding the legacy of Ikebana's art form in San Gabriel Valley, California.



Ikenobo San Gabriel Valley California Chapter

As the President of Ikenobo's SGV Chapter, Professor Tina Fu-Ting Yang spreads her love for ikebana to students from all over Southern California. Through her guidance, students are immersed in the grace and beauty of ikebana, learning not just the technical skills but also embracing its meditative essence. Tina's leadership fosters a vibrant community of floral artists that will endure for generations to come. She firmly believes that ikebana's harmony and tranquility can harmonize individuals' inner energy, fostering joy in the mesmerizing world of flowers.


Expert Florist

Far East Florist

For as long as she can remember, Tina's heart has been captivated by the art of flower arrangement. Her profound journey with ikebana began in 1969, while residing in Taiwan, and even upon relocating to the United States, her devotion to this timeless art form never wavered. As a young immigrant, founding Far East Florist in San Gabriel, California marked the start of her 50 year-long flourishing business. For Tina, teaching flower arrangement and sharing the intrinsic beauty of ikebana transcend mere hobbies; they embody her life's purpose.

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